Rice Milk, “take my weight”

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Rice Milk Weird Year

Newcastle, UK’s Rice Milk have released the first single off of their upcoming tape Weird Year. “take my weight” is an interesting track, combining the DIY-ethos of any burgeoning scene with professional level craftsmanship; this makes sense, as half of the duo of Rice Milk is from Baskin Wish, an established member of the Newcastle scene. Repetition is the vehicle by which “take my weight” makes its point, for the duration of the three-and-a-half minute track a single chord progression powers along for the duration, only barely crescendoing by the end. This is paired with a airy falsetto and what sounds to be a muted kick drum, sending the song into folkish cacophony. “take my weight” is reminiscent of the pots-and-pans songs of Elfin Saddle and a lot of the Montreal-early 2000s scene that sent out the Unicorns among others. There is an infectious quality brought out by the repetitive nature of “take my weight”, and it ends up seeming both dirge-like and pop-ish, two things that rarely go hand in hand.

The Weird Year cassette is due out June 8 and is available for pre-order via Good Food Tapes and Zines. Stream “take my weight” below.