Ricky Eat Acid, “p u l l (may15)”

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Ricky Eat Acid is the ambient/house/dance/electronica/whatever-the-hell-he-feels-like project of Sam Ray, who is also known for his Julia Brown and Teen Suicide fame (as well as playing our jam-packed normcore fest this past weekend). As we’ve previously reported, Ray is equal parts digital music savant and social media guru, quelling whatever controversy he may stir up on his Twitter account with beautiful, jangling ambient explorations and inventive remixes. Ricky Eat Acid just dropped a new track via Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Sounds project (a bi-weekly free download Soundcloud), entitled “p u l l (may15)”. According to a statement from Sam Ray, this is the first time his own vocals have appeared on a Ricky Eat Acid track, and they’re certainly a welcome addition.

The track begins with Ray’s pitch-shifted and downtempo vocals as synths build from waves to cutting orchestral replicas. When the drums kicks in, the track achieves blissful effervescence, and the vocals move up the register to match the song’s new height. “p u l l (may15)” reaches this peak so effectively because it shirks traditional pop structure, instead building on itself with layer upon layer of concordance. Another prodigious track from one of indie’s most prolific figures.

“p u l l (may15)” is available for free download via Secret Sounds’ Soundcloud.