S, “Brunch”

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Sad songs are kind of Jenn Ghetto’s thing. Formerly of sadcore stalwarts Carissa’s Wierd, Ghetto has a knack for writing sombre, introspective songs with an irresistible emotional rawness to them. Continuing this tradition is Ghetto’s latest, the newly released “Brunch”, which is the first single off the upcoming album Cool Choices from her solo project S. Contrary to what the name might have you believe, Ghetto’s new song seems to suggest that she is not a big fan of brunch—or at least one specific brunch that comes to her mind.

On the surface, “Brunch” is gentle and pleasant, but the song’s deeper layers harbor some sort of resentment; drums stop and start, as if fighting through fits of anger, guitar melodies go in endless circles, and Ghetto’s vocals have a certain emotional distance to them. Lyrically, “Brunch” is about unrequited love, heartbreak, and general agony, which Ghetto plainly states from the beginning as she whispers, “It’s so hard to see you around here everyday, I wake up thinking about you, but nothing’s changed.” However, there’s also something strangely empowering about the song, almost as if she’s telling off the person who hurt her over a $17 plate of eggs Benedict as she repeats, “You never did any of that, you never said any of those things, you never even called me back, I don’t want to know what love is.”

You can stream “Brunch” below, and look for Cool Choices when it comes out September 23 on Hardly Art.