Saint Agnes, “Merry Mother of God Go Round”

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London’s hard rock collective Saint Agnes – comprised of Kitty Arabella Austen (vocals, guitar, keys, percussion), Jon Tufnell (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Ben Chernett (bass, baritone guitar), and Andy Head (drums, percussion) – have been working on a limited edition 7″ vinyl to grace our eager ears with. Out December 8th, Merry Mother of God Go Round was recorded at Soup Studios in London, and is destined to pack a punch, and we’ve got the premiere of the title track right here for you.

Hard, heavy-hitting guitar that Saint Agnes has come to be known for floods the speakers, directly followed by harmonica and percussion. The beat itself makes you walk differently, approaches at a rate that makes it hard not to move to, especially when you’re trying not to headbang at your desk in front of your coworkers. All joking aside – but really, not joking – the song blends psychedelic, more ethereal lines replete with Kitty’s harmonious vocals in with the ridiculously catchy, fun, and badass rock-driven rest of the song.

We’re ready for the weekend now.

Tufnell had quite a bit to say about the track.

The key line in this song is “you keep telling me that I’m no good.” From school, to work, to family and then advertising we’re all under constant pressure to be better than we are, to become mini gods. At once excelling at love, careers and building our mini kingdoms whilst also somehow looking amazing, reducing ourselves to social media ready bitesize life experiences that we daren’t not record. Its a ridiculous merry go round I think everyone feels to some extent and it doesn’t seem to matter if it is something as big as religion or as small as a picture in a magazine, it all makes you feel bad about yourself. This is a song of defiance.

Kitty started jamming the riff and within an hour the whole thing was written. We’ve never had a song come together faster or feel so right to play live. We feel it sums up where we are now as a band perfectly.

Merry Mother of God Go Round is out December 8th via Death Or Glory Gang Records.