Salamander Wool, “Eggring”

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Solar Solipsis, by Salamander Wool

This week Ehse Records released their second Salamander Wool LP, the solo project of Carson Garhart. Solar Solipsis is an ambitious journey, and “Eggring” is the best example of the “popular rhythms” that were promised along the way.

“Eggring” can't speak for the entire record, an LP that boasts

…androids intoning from mountain tops, apocalyptic carousels, D.C. wormholes, Ballard dance music, dystopian architecture, Carpathian truckers, and serene sunsets to name a few.

Garhart's music is also stressed to be a visual experience. With the record's intent is to capture a day's events, it'd seem that Salamander Wool has a pretty bleak definition of contemporary, though, it's not all apocalyptic carnival rides and wormholes. Garhart explores deep corridors of noise, folk, found sounds, beats and more to illustrate a dynamic arrangement of cinematic synesthesia.

Solar Solipsis is out now, and the release party is tomorrow at True Vine.