Samson the Truest Releases New 7″

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Brooklyn’s Samson the Trust has been making some waves with his music. We’re certainly big fans, and we’re so happy to share with you today his new 7″. Produced by Adam Brodsky, the two tracks are “Talking to Yourself” and “Fingertips”.

The A-side, “Talking to Yourself”, has been noted by the artist as “a confessional breakthrough between two ships passing in the night.” Lyrics like “it’s hard talking to yourself baby” and “love is so hard to define” bring this fact to the forefront, allowing the listener to feel the emptiness that is being felt by the artist. The composition itself is guitar heavy smooth listening, something soothing to listen to during a chill night with friends.

The B-side, “Fingertips”, is a darker, mid-tempo track. It addresses an uncertain romantic situation, and lyrics such as “in your sleep you’ve been talking lately, saying ‘more, more, more'” highlight this fact. Something of note is that Samson the Truest writes music that is highly relatable and – in this case at least – with a beautiful and melancholic twist to it.