Scavenger Hunt Shares “River Runs Dry”, Loves Batman “Because Tim Burton”

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For three years, Los Angeles based electro-pop four piece Scavenger Hunt has been haunting us with their unique and transcendent melodies. Today is no different. Today, we bring you their latest track “River Runs Dry”.

This song has a very 80s sound, resplendent with layers of gorgeous synth and the most incredible vocal experience you may ever have, provided ever-so-exquisitely by Jill Lamoureux. She is in it to win it, but it doesn’t seem that she is winning the fight. It’s a heartbreaking song about holding on to love, and being “in this fight til the river runs dry.” The song is bittersweet, for its melancholic vocals somehow bleed perfectly into an upbeat pop instrumental sound that will keep you dancing despite its subject matter. We’ll look at it as the perfect bittersweet and nostalgic way to end our summer.

We caught up with the band to discuss the track, and some of their influence.

What is your first musical memory?

Jill: My Mom used to wake me up when I was a little girl with “Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens– a song from her childhood. As a baby, I think she wanted to start my day with some soothing music, but to this day when I hear that song it makes me cringe. Waking up is hard when you’re a little!

What attracted you two to each other musically and creatively? 

Dan: I heard Jill performing and waited around to get her info. I was really taken by her stage presence and her incredible live vocals. I was totally floored. 

What is your favorite thing about making music together?

Jill: We have really similar musical tastes and are able to finish each other’s thoughts musically, most of the time. We also both have a really wide range of music we like to listen to- different eras/genres/performers, but it almost always matches up. It’s so great to have trust in a musical partner.

How would you classify your sound?

Dan: “Nostalgic-Pop”

“River Runs Dry” is almost magical in its sound. What was creating that song like? What inspired it, specifically?

Dan: We wanted to write something that felt a bit darker then our previous releases, something with more lyrical and sonic depth. I think we did it.

You have toured with some incredible acts. Who has been your favorite?

Jill: Each tour is incredible journey in itself, and it’s so hard to compare them! There is truly a kinship and bond you have with other bands that you travel on the road with. Road Warriors! You can never forget your first though… So I’d have to say our first tour with Capital Cities! They really showed us the ropes and gave us a life-changing experience when we were a brand-new band.

What has been your favorite tour stop so far?

Dan: Playing New York City to a sold out night at Bowery Ballroom was a real thrill. Can’t wait to play NYC again. 

If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?

Dan: Michael Keaton in the 90’s Batman. Because Tim Burton.

What’s up next for Scavenger Hunt?

Jill: We have a few more singles coming down the pipeline in the next few months! We are trickling them out and eventually they will be a full EP.