Second Still, Second Still

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Second Still’s self-titled new album is due out on April 7th and it fills a punk void in your playlist. We’ve got your exclusive first listen to the release in its entirety.
The Los Angeles-based trio spent a year in Brooklyn, NY and wrote the entire album while there.  Although it took a year to write, it only took the Second Still two days to record it.  The band produced the album; Hilary Johnson mixed and co-produced and Mike Tierney mastered.  It has been admitted that “the album deals with the frustrations, anxieties, and feelings of alienation that the band’s three members were experiencing during their last year living in New York.”
Second Still’s sound is self-described post-punk and coldwave and both genres fit their music perfectly.  “Recover”, the first song on the album, has an insistent drum beat that anchors the tune and lays the groundwork for the guitar.  With minimal vocals, “Recover” can go toe to toe with some of the classic early punk of the 70’s.
While “Strangers” paints a much different melodic picture – with the drum line taking a backseat to Suki San’s haunting vocals – the eight track album is cohesive, intelligent, and nostalgic art.

Track List:
Try Not To Hide
New Barn
You Two So Alike
Release date is April 7 via Manic Depression Records and it is available for preorder now. Keep up with Second Still here.