Sene follow up

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Brooklyn's Sene earned a Best Music label from us in his rookie season. Those that equate his success to the name “Blu” attached to his debut need to give Reality Bites a listen and hate less.

Reality Bites is advertised as a mixtape, possibly due to the grab bag of producers, but it plays out like an album. Sene keeps reputable company as his beat selection remains exceptional and akin to his speaking-real-words flow. There's plenty of concept and soulful lyricism to consume, for those that appreciated the memoirs of A Day Late And A Dollar Short, but Reality Bites is Sene's casual side, finding homes for 16s that aren't meant thematically sound.

The record features production by Hannibal King, Transzformer, Mainframe, Insightful, Blu and Cook
Classics, while Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan), Co$$, Tunji and Outasight make vocal appearances.

Download Reality Bites here, courtesy of DJ Booth.

Sene, “Cantstandya” (feat. Von Pea)

Sene, “Workflow”