Sene over Blu beats

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While checking this record for Blu's beats is excusable, the true shining star on A Day Late & A Dollar Short is Brooklyn wordsmith Sene.

Rumors of a Sene record produced entirely by Blu were regularly mentioned by the Blu(e) man, but it usually was cause for a “wait… who?” response. Eat your words, as Sene kicks flows like he's a fortnight ahead and stacks rhyme pages like stacks of greenbacks.

The two rappers have stylistically similar writing styles, which might be why Sene sounds so at home over Blu's compositions. As a debut, it works in Sene's favor to have a cohesive sound, as the production is rooted in doo whop samples and soothing jazzy lounge grooves. A Day Late & A Dollar Short puts Sene in contention for the rookie of the year award. He's far from a hot-16 emcee, as he crafts songs complete with catchy sing-a-long choruses that are hummable with a potential for crowd call and response sessions in a live set.

“WonThousandGirls” is an instant standout that has Sene taking a playbook page from one of Brooklyn's finest as he raps, “so many beauties / queens rocking Juicey / bet my bottom dollar that their bottom tastes fruitier / than loops in milk.” But, it's his ability to craft sing-song flows counter to his usual complex wordplay where he shines with his delivery of the bridge, “when I wake up / I don't wanna see you putting on your make up / you should be here lying with me naked / I don't ever wanna have to wake up without you darling.”

With CMJ in our immediate future, this record is hardly a day late. Be sure to check out Sene at the High Water Music Showcase on October 20.