Serengeti aims a battle track at Shaq

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Serengeti Kenny Dennis EP

Serengeti's Family & Friends record was one of his most sincere and unified releases in a prolific career of split personalities and expressions in rap styles. It was as though he reached the maturity all hopeful writers set out to achieve and this record would mark a breakthrough. He had shed all the gimicks and foolery of his earlier work for a bare and honest approach from the gut.

Well, Serengeti's past ain't having that. The Bears-loving Chicagoan named Kenny Dennis, who once had a rap career as Killa Deacon in the group Tha Grimm Teachaz is back and he wants revenge on Shaq for dissing him at a Fu-Schnickens concert in '93. Kenny harbored his distaste for Shaq for 19 years, waiting until Big Aristotle retired from the rap game and the basketball game to enact his revenge.

On “Shazam” Kenny sets the fasers to kill with the refrain “shazam / shazam / Shaq don't want none / jolly green giants get cut”. The diss track is off Serengeti's Kenny Dennis EP, so yes, expect at least four more mustachioed rap songs in a thick Chicago accent. Serengeti is also working on a collaborative record with Son Lux and Sufjan Stevens, which will undoubtedly hinder Sufjan's 50 albums for 50 states pursuit with Illinois crossed off, unless Geti knows a great deal about North Dakota. We wouldn't put it past him.

Peace to Passion of the Weiss for the heads up.

Serengeti's Kenny Dennis EP is out soon on Anticon.