SFV Acid EP via 100% Silk

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SFV Acid

Last year I got a few Eric Copeland 7″s sent my way from PPM, but being the good people they are, the package was much bigger than the required size for the mini-vinyl. Included in the shipment was SFV Acid's New West Coast LP. If the SFV Acid record flew under your radar, I highly suggest seeking it out if you are a fan of Dam Funk, lowrider music and beat tapes. The album is all of these things rolled into bedsheet-size joint paper and lit to an even burn.

I vowed to not let another SFV Acid record slip past me, but it seems 100% Silk snuck the Grown 12″ into its January release schedule. SFV Acid kicked up the BPMs on “Knights”. The lowrider is parked in front of the night club and SFV Acid is inside spinning arcade glitches over vintage house, while the candy-colored tabs make their journey down the esophaguses of the party people. This is the sound of SFV Acid in night life mode.

SFV Acid's Grown12″ is out now on 100% Silk.