Shy Boys, “Keeps Me On My Toes”

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shy boys

Not to be confused with the electronic producer Shy Girls, Shy Boys is the dreampop garage outlet of a Kansas City surfpop band. Yes, the irony in being a landlocked surf band has been addressed, and the satisfaction in listening to Shy Boys comes from not knowing that they may never ride that gnar, but from getting that particular kind of inside, bedroom vibe. By imaginging the group recording and writing all of their dreampop ditties inside a small room, there is an even more heightened sweetness in picturing their longing for water, crystal clear water. The love song “Keeps Me On My Toes” only enhances that prospect, as if the romance that Shy Boys longs for is only found on the salty sea with the sun shining down on them.

You can stream “Keeps Me On My Toes” below, then pick up Shy Boys' self-titled EP through Highdive Records.