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Though the big league rock journos were unkind to Weird Wives' Some Motherfuckers Gonna Be Walking 'Round With a Size 9 Diehard Up Their Ass, Cause Apparently They Ain't Never Seen a Short AC Man Get Bad Ass On Methadone cassette, we the people of Impose found solace in their gritty mutation of noise rock and synth-manipulation. In fact, generations of interns have been subject to the cassette and graduated from the ranks as converts to Weird Wives' vibes.

With that other Florida band returning to the headlines in hopes of making us forget that thing with the abuse and police, we offer a cold shoulder once again, turning toward former Weird Wives members', now Brooklyn-ites, new band Slavve. The ex-Floridians have not lost their edge after washing ashore in Brooklyn. Slavve eases off the hardcore of WW for a post-punk tableau, still chock full of piss n' vinegar. The trio of Chuka Chukuma, Alex Goldstein, and Marcos Marchesani have quietly built the identity of Slavve since 2011. In July they'll self-release Ghost on cassette and digital.

On “In Your Dreams”, Slavve rips at break-neck speed, roaring through a track with a lucid name, but a sobering reality. Chukuma screams “in my dreams / I see you getting fucked”, which will undoubtedly join him in waking life, giving no escape. For a moment consider the possibility kids that mosh go through heartbreak too, and you can practically materialize a pit of angsty flailers screaming along while masochistically taking a fist to the jawline. Then again, you don't need to fantasize a situation in order to understand “In Your Dreams”. You simply have to know jealousy, particularly when it causes one's blood to boil.

Hear more from Slavve's Ghost LP at their Bandcamp.

Slavve will perform at Public Assembly on June 5.