Smoke DZA invites Domo Genesis to get “Loaded”

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Smoke DZA and Domo Genesis

It's hard to resist the temptation to play the Kevin Bacon 6-degrees of separation game with the collaboration between Smoke DZA and Domo Genesis on the “Loaded” Remix. Save for the mutual adoration for the sticky green buds, the two rappers might seem coasts and worlds apart, but the meeting of the blunted minds isn't as far fetched as it initially feels.

Smoke DZA's “Loaded" is produced by Lex Luger, whose menacing beats are the thunderous support behind artists like Wacka Flocka Flame, Soulja Boy and Wiz Khalifa – three names often lauded by the OFWGKTA crew. In fact, DZA going in over a Luger beat on his THC mxitape is a bigger surprise than Domo Genesis finding his way onto the remix. Nonetheless, the “Loaded” Remix is Domo's opportunity to not only operate in his comfort zone with the Kush God, but to possibly obtain Lex Luger's cell # and start collecting beats for his sophomore record.

Smoke DZA, “Loaded” Remix (feat. Domo Genesis)