Smokey Brights, Hot Candy

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Seattle’s pop collective Smokey Brights – comprised of Ryan Devlin (vocals, guitar), Kim West (vocals, keys), James Weston Vermillion (bass, vocals), Michael Kalnoky (guitar, vocals), and Nicholas Krivchenia (drums) – been revving up to release their sophomore album, Hot Candy, unto the world, and tomorrow is the day. But first, we’ve got your exclusive listen to the extraordinary 11-track album in its entirety.

Starting off with a bang – and a catchy, hip-swaying beat – with the song “In Demand”, the album seems to teeter on the edge of indie rock and pop, with a hint of vintage appeal. At times reminding us of our favorite 80’s rock music – heavy in gnarly guitar riffs and synth -, Hot Candy travels through slow, vibey tracks (“Desiree”, “Clumsy Mirror”) with stunning finesse and rips through intense, impression-making tracks (“Not Enough Time”, “Baby Bigshot”, “Ugly Evergreen”) like there’s no tomorrow. Smokey Brights wraps the album with an ethereal, reverb-ridden, intricate narrative with “Stickman”, and we’re left wanting more.

Hot Candy is out October 21st via Freakout Records! It is available for preorder now.