Software introduces Thug Entrancer

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Thug Entrancer

Software Recording Co., a house built by Daniel Lopatin, announced its latest signee, a DIY electronic producer hailing from Chicago by way of Denver named Thug Entrancer. Though the moniker might instill pause of yet another trapwave producer, do you really thinkg Software would be so shallow?

Chicago's rich electronic history has certainly influenced Thug Entrancer's production. It's dark with variations of footwork and juke, but he's not bowed to the local crown entirely. Thug Entrancer has a subversive texture to it, particularly on “Death After Life IV”, which stretches its signifiers with a meticulous patience. Thug Entrancer is in no rush to percolate as “Death After Life IV” at its halfway point is still a work in progress, the tension only slightly agonizing. Perhaps that's the remnants of Denver in Thug Entrancer, still resistant to the hustle of Chicago?

Thug Entrancer's Death After Life is out Feburary 11 on Software Recording Co.