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Be Like You

Soul Low‘s sophomore album Nosebleeds might not be out until August 5th, but we’ve got the premiere of their newest single “Be Like You” right now. (Oh, yes. Soul Low has a new record coming THIS SUMMER. You’re welcome.) The Milwaukee quartet works their magic yet again–self-classified as “jank pop”–to draw us in, this time beginning the song a lot more uptempo than they have for a majority of their songs in the past. Normally, it’s more of an instrumental buildup to the fast songs, whereas “Be Like You” immediately gets your heart pumping with the beat and guitar intro.

Regardless, the band is back with a very throwback California sound, atypical for their midwest roots. We can’t help but have Beach Boys and The Byrds flashbacks at various moments during “Be Like You”, and we aren’t complaining one bit. We’re also incredibly impressed with the attention to detail on the track, considering Soul Low members are either still in school or at full-time jobs to help support their blossoming career.

Soul Low will be headed out on a 19 day tour in August in support of Nosebleeds.

8/13 – Miramar Theatre *Record release show* (Milwaukee, WI)
8/16 – Schuba’s Tavern (Chicago, IL)
8/17 – Milhouse (Kalamazoo, MI)
8/18 – Beachland Tavern (Cleveland, OH)
8/19 – Detroit, MI
8/20 – Black Forge Coffee (Pittsburgh, PA)
8/21 – 10th Ave Burrito (Belmar, NJ)
8/22 – Cake Shop (NY, NY)
8/23 – NY, NY
8/24 – Single File (Lancaster, PA)
More to TBA

“Be Like You” is available for free download now.