Southern Femisphere, “One Alarm”

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southern femisphere

Charleston, SC's Southern Femisphere might not have the greatest band name in the bizz, but that doesn't stop them from putting out introspective, tasteful 90s-influenced garage rock. The band, who claims consciousness and awareness in their tunes, has released a track called “One Alarm” from their upcoming Houses EP, and it has PS Eliot vocals with numerous harmonies, and a soft noodling on a guitar that peels back layers upon layers of deep-hidden pop magnificence. The song is reminiscent of some of Boston's early successes, with hints of Dismemberment Plan and now-relevant Speedy Ortiz. There's nothing like a song that surprises, and when the leadwomen start singing, “What's the most beautiful thing in the world?” the confidence is infectious and child-like.

Houses releases on Fork & Spoon Records on July 2.