Spaceships, “Good Gradez”

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Spaceships is a sunny punk duo from L.A. that pump out razor sharp lo-fi thrash songs. They’ve just announced a self-titled EP with New Professor Records, and released the ironically titled single, “Good Gradez”, streaming below.

It’s a tortured song of raw suffering: “These feelings are so strong/They’re poison, and so wrong/I want to destroy you/But what good would that do,” belts Jessie Waite (vocals/guitar). I think it’s safe to say we’ve all shared those feelings at one point or another. Unlike their lo-fi bedroom-recorded album, Cool Breeze Over the Mountains which was re-issued on Gnar Tapes last year, “Good Gradez” was done in a studio and still retains a natural intimacy. Complete with uplifting oohs and monstrously fuzzy guitar, Spaceships keeps the LA punk alive.

Spaceships’ self-titled EP is out November 4 on New Professor Records.