Sparkling Wide Pressure

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Sparkling Wide Pressure is one man creating some of the most beautiful music you'll ever hear.

Frank Baugh is one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of “meeting” in this wild, weird world of digital connections. He makes incredibly gorgeous music under the name Sparkling Wide Pressure. If you've never heard that name, then crawl out from underneath that rock, you fool.

“The Long,” taken from Touching Pasture (Students Of Decay)

I first heard Sparkling Wide Pressure right around the time I was started up Pink Priest, and it'd be a lie if I denied the immediate influence and impact that music had on me. One of those songs that struck me and had me wide-eyed was “The Long.” That haunting tune with those indecipherable, aching vocals; it had me floored. All that combined with Geoffrey Sexton's incredible, powerful video shook me and made me understand what I needed to do to attain some sort of real musical space and texture.

Soon after, I began working on Pink Priest things, and a bit later I was working with Frank Baugh, doing two releases for his small label, Kimberly Dawn Recordings, and taking part in the release of his What Day It Is cassette on Bathetic. It was truly inspiring to work with him and just be able to have hand in some of this action. Sparkling Wide Pressure was an artist I truly looked at as a peer and respected as a guide or at least an influential factor into making my own music.

…And on a side-note, recently I was able to work with the radical Geoffrey Sexton as well, as he painstakingly created a video accompaniment to my cd-r release, Goddess, which came out on Frank's label. Fuckin' connections, all around us!

Sparkling Wide Pressure has released a bulk of material across a number of killer labels. You can check all of that out at Frank's discography page. Recently, however, Sparkling Wide Pressure released his first vinyl record, Field And String, on Digitalis Records. Go cop that right now and be on the look out for any new releases from this wonderful act!