Speedy Ortiz, “American Horror”

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Speedy Ortiz, Real Hair EP

As we noted in our our review of Speedy Ortiz's Major Arcana last year, the Northampton-by-way-of-Brooklyn four piece excel at honing in on the “bad times and twist each loogie into an endearingly self-conscious chuckle.” It's a fancy way of saying Sadie Dupuis and Co.'s songs are bastions of the bittersweet.

So when you click play on “American Horror”, don't act surprised when Dupuis sings of a “web full of bees” with an icky glue so thick it will trap you for a week. An anthem for a seven day itch? Possibly. Regardless of interpretation, it's anthemic and not going to shake off all those Massachusetts-band comparisons also netted in the web. That said, the Real Hair EP was recorded and mixed by Paul Q. Kolderie (Pixies, Radiohead), so we wouldn't expect Speedy Ortiz to dodge the tag.

The Real Hair EP is out Feburary 11 on Carpark.