Speedy Ortiz, “Raising The Skate”

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Speedy Ortiz Foil Deer

Speedy Ortiz have announced their second full length, Foil Deer. The first single, “Raising the Skate” follows the loud path forged by 2013’s Major Arcana, revolving crushingly layered guitars around a particularly 90’s sounding rhythm section. This has been a calling card for Speedy Ortiz thus far, and “Raising the Skate” is an even further refinement of their take on grunge soundscapes. There are moments in “Raising the Skate” inherited from this particular rock lineage, but as is usually the case with Speedy Ortiz, these moments readily give way to the band’s proven ability to write unique hooks and. The song leads with a taunting guitar line, the chorus evolves into an off-time breakdown of sorts, countering falling guitars with rolling drum fills, and, like other Speedy hits such as “Tiger Tank” and “No Below”, the song is full of engaging dynamics: swells and abides, distortion and clean moments. Sadie Dupuis’ voice cuts through, demanding focused attention and respect, announcing “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss.” It’s something we’ve known since Indoor Soccer, and it bodes well for the rest of Foil Deer.

Foil Deer comes out April 21st on Carpark Records. You can stream “Raising the Skate” below.