Stainless Steele, Escapism

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Despite the efforts of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh when the state of Pennsylvania comes to mind rap is an abstract afterthought. Fighting to keep his home state on the map is Stainless Steele, who does not list a city nor district, but the entirety of Pennsylvania as his residency on Bandcamp. And yet, his latest effort of blunted boom bap is entitled Escapism.

Much like Chicago’s Jeremiah Jae, the style of Stainless Steele relies upon hazy cerebral techniques encapsulated in cannabinoids, psychedelic samples, and a commitment to never touch wack percussion. Escapism is a full meditation through Stainless Steele’s collected learnings in rap music. It’s title is misleading as Steele never travels further than the lab and in many respects further than his cerebral cortex. This is not a setback. It’s a fortified sanctuary, invitation only, that shuts out the chaos and clutter of cacophony that lurks beyond the doorway.

Stainless Steele’s Escapism is available on limited edition vinyl and cassette via Bandcamp.