Steal from Birmingham's Eat My Shorts

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Give me your heart-broken, pet owning, pop/punking, sleep-overing, conspiracy theory entranced masses. And force them to open their ears to the debut by Birmingham’s Eat My Shorts, entitled Street Pizza. Or just tell them to download it below. That ought to do it.

Eat My Shorts is comprised of Hayley, David and Jacki, three friends brought together through random occurrence to the positive punk hub of Birmingham, Alabama. Their music is a sweetly nostalgia-inducing brand of lo fi pop/punk, as if the trio stuck a vacuum cleaner into a mystical Bonus Cup and exorcised The Gories ramshackle garage aesthetic, putting both in a shot glass and chasing them with a Budweiser.

Eat My Shorts wear their gushing hearts and adolescence on their sleeves, spitting lyrics about “wild-child kittens,” ouija boards, self-obsessed ex-lovers and bitchin’ days and nights. The result is six catchy-as-hell songs and a handful of cheekily obscure interludes, all in under nine minutes. Street Pizza has that certain feel as if these are your friends, and you just so happened to come to the band practice where they finally got their shit together and it’s perfect; it’s unrefined, it hasn’t seen a comb or a shower in weeks and it’s knocking on your door, asking if you want to go on a bike ride.

Download the record below (or as a zip here) and check out what else is going on around the Crimson State at DIY Birmingham, a site run by Jacki and Hayley to expose a flourishing and under-appreciated Southern scene.