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Eggs. Homefries. Bacon. After a night of over-indulgence, the only way to feel human again is an excess of calories and grease, ideally followed by a day of relaxation and occasional marijuana indulgence (medically, of course—to counteract nausea!).
Big Breakfast’s LUXURY is the soundtrack to both those hungover mornings and the nights that inspired them, and the music to gear up for doing it all over again the next night.

The album’s funky, unique production (all by Breakfast himself) culls vocal samples from classic hip-hop as well as an upbeat spaciness that’s all his own—making it the perfect mix to just chill out and listen to the rapper’s nimble, laid back flow. And flow: a  delivery of gleeful, clever punchlines that always leave the listener’s appetite satisfied. Seriously, they don’t stop; non-sequitor, free-associative jokes that Breakfast clearly enjoys delivering. Even the groaners are the good kind, the 4 A.M. jokes told by close friends before both of you pass out.


Stylistically, Breakfast is most akin to a new breed of tongue-in-cheek, but technically gifted New York rappers, like Lakutis or Big Baby Gandhi. His lyrics are sharp-witted and dead solid, but contain a playfulness that keeps himself, or the listener, from taking it all too seriously. Like his name, the tracks are filled with subtle pastiche and flips on the ridiculous modern rap tropes that abound in the wild west of free online mixtapes. Through a mix of humor and genuine ability, Big Breakfast is able to set himself apart.

Breakfast is a member of NJ/NY indie label Smoker’s Cough, so for more (hopefully) weird, funny, and above all else different rap projects, they’ll definitely be a group to watch. Long Island has not been a particularly hot hip hop area in recent years, but if this group can change that, I’m all ears. Big Breakfast may know that he’s made some poor decision—the cover art’s brass monkey perhaps one of them—but he’s content to revel in that debauchery, and let everyone enjoy the luxurious moment.

Catch Luxury out November 10 at Smoker’s Cough Bandcamp.