Liphemra, “magazines”

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When we last heard from Liphemra on “Wildestdreamz” at the close of her Lolipop cassette Part III, struggles and caution were cast to the wind in the pursuit of dreams that dance between the realms of danger, deliverance, redemption, and heart-spun divination. The grand pursuit moves on to the next episode with a tear-blurred camera lens of heart, hurt, and the glossy grandeur of, “magazines”.

Produced with Theo Karon, Liphemra twists the dial across segmented classic Hollywood scores. The speed of the celluloid murmurs and then whirrs into an expanding widescreen dream that bridges film canisters of old and new. Her sticker campaign of elusive, vague, and obfuscated visages become movie stills that spring to life like photographs amplified by the light and mechanical drive of a projector. The scene developments and emotive timber of “magazines” moves through the chapters and stages like a page-turner pulp novel, where the plot to shield and guard an anxious, but wary heart is shepharded through the maudlin chorus of, “even after the tears, you still are to me dear, the most beautiful thing—you could be in magazines…”

An acclaimed artist noted for her percussion work, videos, expressive arrangements, contributions on Hellfyre Club releases, and helping keep the collaborative independent spirit of LA alive—Liphemra sets the bar high. In a recent conversation, Liphemra shared the following words on the single, and allusions toward the upcoming EP:

[“magazines”] is about a past lover. Her and I had been through so much for so long. Most of my songs are about her… at least many from the mixtape (Part III) are.

The EP will hold some heartbreak, but mostly touch on ideas of struggle and pain. Inner growth.

Liphemra’s upcoming EP will be available in early 2015.