Stream Dean Cercone's New Album, Painting In The Rain, Release Show Tonight

Post Author: JP Basileo

Once in what seems like a blue moon, the eclectic backgrounds and influences of an artist, all congregate at the forefront of their brain to make a record, and the result is beautifully unclassifiable. Brooklyn mainstay Dean Cercone’s new album, Painting In The Rain (out today on We Be Friends , finds a happy crossroads between electronic experimentation, dance, Middle-Eastern music, and beyond, and it’s like you’re getting ALL of a person, peering into a past, alongside a here-and-now. It’s wonderful, and it makes sense for the co-founder of The Glove (a GREAT venue), as though it’s the sonic representation of, “yeah, this is what I’m into. This is what I’ve always been into.” Sounds are muddled and obscured by their overbearing volume, the extra static becoming its own instrument. Sitar twang and booming synth parts pair nicely on opener “Asemic Joy Swells,” and the follow-up “By The Way,” setting themes and tones for the remainder of the twelve tracks (bang for your buck!). Drum machines and percussive sampling take over at other times, everything hard at work to bear the artist’s exploratory self. You lose your way in the sounds, as the artist loses theirs, and find yourself happily at destinations you didn’t know existed.
Painting In The Rain is being released on cassette and digitally via We Be Friends.
Dean Cercone plays a release show TONIGHT at The Glove alongside friends PILL, Sediment Club, ROBOTDEATHCULT, XHARLOW, and a REACHES DJ set. Cool.