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High Riser EP

Buzz. Twang. Grit, grind, SWING! Welcome to Heaven’s Gate’s debut: High Riser EP. Somewhere between noisey motorik and jangly pop-punk, these Brooklyn spazzes layer on the heavy, bawdy shit-gaze we’ve fallen in love with over and over…and over. Fingers will point. Oh, they will point! ‘Round the room and ‘round the room they’ll go. It’s best to just play coy…”Share the Joy” as the Vivian Girls would say.

For all those Cranberries fans out there. For all those believers in the moxie of Christmas and Wetdog, here’s the agitation. Here’s the breast. Here’s the hairy fucking cunt chaffing the face of the casual grit-rock fanbase. Get your jollies. Oh, they’re there. Floating between the fluctuating melodies of vocalist Jess Paps. Sometimes imbued with the fervor of Doloroes O’Riordan, sometimes wailing like the savior of Grace Slick kicks, Emily Beanblossom. Elevated, empowered by the raucous wall of treble and strum. Reinforced by the thunderous pounds that will ward off the lo-fi tag. This is a band getting it out. Loosing it. Making it fucking count. All in the time that it takes you to remember where the fuck your keys may be at any given time of the day.

From the muscle of experimental Brooklyn label Fire Talk, which has allowed us to aurally shake the hands of bands like Jovontaes and Woodsman, comes new heat. Neck effect. Eye reeling pleasure. “How you want to give me all that you can give?” asks Paps on the psych whirlwind “Jesus Hair”. Hesitation be damned! Get in, get out, or get down. React your own way, below. It’s streaming for the nice price of free, baby.

Heaven's Gate's High Riser EP is out now via Fire Talk.