The Tumblr Chic of ♡kitty♡'s Newest EP, impatiens

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purple glitter sparkly impatiens EP cover by kitty

Everything about the new EP impatiens that Kitty (sans her former surname Pryde) dropped on Tuesday screams “bedroom.” Bedroom music, bedroom graphics, bedroom confessionals, bedroom socialite, bedroom dancing. And when I say bedroom, I really mean “Internet” because that's where we plug into the web most often and most intimately. Kitty herself admits that this EP (if not all others by proxy) is a way to express things she has trouble saying in more direct conversational contexts. It's been said that isolation breeds creativity and hers is one that I find quite enjoyable, so is it evil of me to almost relish in hers? Yes, it is. Next point.

Absurdist irony creates distance between the creator's truth and the consumer's reception, like slowing down decay with cool temperatures. We still get there, but it's not so offensively fast. This is in stark contrast to the unrefridgerated Internet which bore the aesthetic signposts of the Tumblr chic of “rn”—glittery graphics, smiling cloud-shaped cursors, abstractly psychedelic imagery with low-resolution, and this stuff: °°°°☆(​●ཅ●​)​☆°°°°. Kitty, an ardent player in this chic, decorates every ascpect of this multi-channel creative outlet. There's a tumblr made just for this EP , one which features the visual component to Kitty's music. Not suprisingly, that includes a lot of the same Tumblr-y iconography. And I don't mean that to undermine, just to identify.

With the EP release, Kitty also shared the first music video she's ever made by herself. The “BrB ( ˘ ³˘​)​❤” vid features fans and friends seductively dancing in front of a web cam's open-ended gaze and is rife with reminders of a bygone internet era (AIM, what what).

Underneath all this aesthetic is a great infectiously beat-boosted, lyrically dense, effects driven album that had me bedroom dancing as I started writing this post last night.

Stream impatiens below via Soundcloud.