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Spaceships, Cool Breeze Over the Mountain

Sometimes I forget that everyone doesn’t spend their whole day eating fuzz like it’s the new Bagel Bites. In those moments, confronted with the happy-go-fuzzy blender of sound that LA duo Spaceships spin, it’s easy to think that we’ve transcended normalcy, losing gravity and clarity to live in a far-out world of muted vocals and screeching, crunchy guitars. Effortless and sort of oddly easy to listen to, Spaceships’ new LP, Cool Breeze Over the Mountains, mixes freak-music defiance and crusty chords with singer Jessie Waite’s distorted-pretty vocals, musing about Gandalf, dreams, ghosts, and city living.

Another in the cannon of California garage-muck gods, Spaceships’ record orbits around the scene like Fuzzy Wuzzy’s spaceship, knocking into other freaks with mosh-able tempos, lady power, and a pure, fun energy that still manages to take itself pretty seriously. Pairing with Amoeba’s Kevin LaRose on drums, Waite may have to eat her words when she claims to have little to show for her hard work on album closer “Cowboy Beach.” The two may be emerging onto a well-tamped scene, but they learned their lessons well from big brother and add a little sister spin that fits right in.

Spaceships' Cool Breeze Over the Mountains is out now via Mock Records.