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The Difference Machine

The Georgia-based psych rap duo of Dr. Conspiracy and DT, known as The Difference Machine, are revisiting their phenomenal debut LP, The Psychedelic Sounds of the Difference Machine, with a remix record handled by their friends of the third-eye vision. Keeping those chakras open, The Psychedelic Sounds of the Remix Machine has the angles reworked with precision by well-versed psych artists like Al Lover and Social Studies, and new arrivals to the warped state like Mr. Enok, Dillon, Paten Locke, Illastrate and Threepeeoh.

With a label like Psych Army Intergalactic backing The Difference Machine, the remix record proves the duo do not roll with a militia, nor a shadow army, but a legitimate brigade of supreme thinkers that may or may not reach beyond this third rock from the sun. Dr. Conspiracy presented the template for meshing the psychedelic realm with a boom bap foundation, his body of work is the obelisk of third-eye worship, and the remix record is the expansion into higher planes of perception as the remixers push his work into heavier drones and trippier levels. Dr. Conspiracy is head technician at the Millbrook Estate and the remixers are his trusted research team, exploring the depths of psychedelic rap.

Stream and download The Psychedelic Sounds of the Remix Machine here and get the original record via Psych Army Intergalactic.

The Difference Machine is on tour in June with Homeboy Sandman:
04 Nashville at High Watt w/ Case Bloom
05 St. Louis at Blank Space w/ Gotta Be Karim
06 Chicago at Subterranean w/ Holoking
07 Detroit at Division Gallery
08 Pittsburgh at New Bohemian
09 Buffalo at Duke's Bohemian Grove Bar
10 Albany at Hollow Bar
11 Philadelphia at Johnny Brenda's w/ Lushlife
12 New York City at Santos Party House w/ PUDGE, Edan the Deejay
13 Boston at The Middle East w/ The Dopplegangaz
14 Baltimore at Metro Gallery
15 Washington DC at LIV
16 Charlotte at Snug Harbor w/ Knife & Miggs, Tab One
17 Atlanta at 529 w/ The Dopplegangaz