Stygian Stride, “Drift”

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Stygian Stride

Jimy SeiTang is a member of Rhyton, former member of Psychic Ills and has now added another line to his resume with a solo side project called, Stygian Stride. SeiTang has long been an improvisational master of the machines, controlling tape delays and wave patterns with his equipment, but with this latest endeavor he's moved out of rock music, coming through with a focus grounded in the early German electronic music of Ashra and minimal techno. For his debut album under the moniker, SeiTang sought out all vintage, analog equipment to record with in favor of the modern conveniences of a laptop and MIDI.

On “Drift”, the dark, brooding synths combine with heavy drone to paint a desolate portrait that draws from the personalities of the technology employed. Recorded in upstate New York and mastered in Berlin, Stygian Stride sounds like what the other side of the Iron Curtain looked like.