Sun Glitters remixes Lushlife for mixtape

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Last we heard from Lushlife was the Cassette City tape in '09. He was playing rap classics on acoustic guitar and sampling Ariel Pink. Das Racist was earning critical kudos for a song that profoundly criticized American consumerism, while no one outside the publishing business took them seriously. It was a different time for indie rap when the only prior rapper of Indian descent to be heard was Punjabi MC over the Knight Rider beat. A time before “All Tan Everything”.

Lushlife has a new mixtape called No More Golden Days that features Heems, Cities Aviv, Tim Meskers of Brown Recluse and RYAT, who is featured in our debut. Entitled “Still I Hear The World Progress,” the track is a remix by Sun Glitters and in addition to RYAT the original features Styles P of The Lox, whose voice is chopped up along with the classic Dead Prez “f-f-f-ake records” chop. The remix is set to a down tempo crawl with plenty of 8-bit flourishes and possibly a Battletoads or Bowser fireball sample. There's no Lushlife verse or Styles P verse in Sun Glitters' remix, but rather plenty of post-dub step grind without embellishing on the warbles.

Lushlife, “Still I Hear The World Progress” (feat. RYAT) (Sun Glitter's Remix)

Lushlife's No More Golden Days is out October 25.

No More Golden Days tracklisting:
01. She's a Buddhist, I'm a Cubist ft. Cities Aviv
02. Motivation
03. The Romance of The Telescope ft. Andrew Cedermark (OMD Cover)
04. Show Me What You Got
05. Glistening ft. STS and Jabee
06. Meridian Sound (Part Three)
07. Novacane / Mykonos
08. Back On My Slang ft. QuESt
09. Still I Hear The Word Progress ft. RYAT (Sun Glitters Remix)
10. Adult Goth ft. Heems
11. Dreams Money Can Buy
12. Everything is Working
13. Daylight Into Me (SSG-1200 Low Bias Remix)
14. The Age of Imagination ft. Tim Meskers of Brown Recluse
15. Teenage Dream
16. Catch the Breeze
17. Zodiac Shit