Boy holding water gun reads Pitchfork, likes Ariel Pink

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We've played Before Today so much that we can coordinate our toothbrush strokes to “Bright Lit Blue Skies,” and suggestively saunter our way through cooking stir fry during “Can't Hear My Eyes.” This album, almost a year old, is no secret.

The gold is around the 2:02 mark. So what do we make of this display of 2011 quasi-fandom? Is this young, doe-eyed water gun aficionado the next Lester Bangs? Is his forthcoming Tumblr going to be featured on Altered Zones? “I was gonna see [BAND] but Super Soaker boy said they were lame, so…” SUPER SOAKER BOY TELL US WHO WILL WIN 2011!!!?!?! My money is on the Mayans.

We couldn't afford the Haunted Graffiti show at the Lincoln Center, so Irving Plaza will have to do. It's in June, but leave your fucking petite off-brand Supersoakers at home. As Ariel once told us, “don't believe the hype.”