Tapestries, “Carline”

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Providence musician Mike DeCosta is a bit of an artistic enigma. His style is a mix of Lou Reed’s swagger and Conor Oberst’s heartfelt emotion wrapped up in a psychedelic haze. He also isn’t afraid to musically explore and push boundaries with each song he writes. It’s evident in Tapestries’ latest track “Carline”, which hits just as hard as it soothes.DeCosta is joined by Kyle Stumpe on steel guitar and Jeremy Joubert on lead guitar along with his brother Matt handling the production and engineering to create a song that’s a rhythmic voyage. The chorus is absolutely triumphant and uplifting while a laid back vibe resonates.

“The song sort of fell together within about two weeks based around a simple chorus hook that I’d been playing around with for about a year”, says DeCosta.”Lyrically, as always, it’s open interpretation for the listener but could be related to a crucial time in one’s life to make decisions for the future with strong reluctance”.

“Carline” is a youthful anthem for the ones who are worried about what’s to come while feeling the pressure of having to do something so they don’t fall behind. Like a lot of other Tapestries songs DeCosta has written, it’s an examination of a part of everyday life. It deals with internal conflictions while also conveying the awareness of the person who is dealing with those. Musically Stumpe and Joubert shine as focal points of the song’s structure and DeCosta’s multi-instrumental skills hold down the tone. The track keeps it all honest along with exuding a pure and genuine aesthetic.