Tara Rook, For Your Only EP

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belle mare

Though their music feels firmly planted in the dreampoppy future—all clean whisps and electronic tones—Belle Mare spoke to us recently about their affection for Marlon Brando and all things black and white. And without us even knowing it, another project was emerging for the band through their keyboard player, Tara Rook, who just released her brand new EP on Independence Day. The tendrils of Belle Mare and its influences and inspirations continue to grow and widen. Tara Rook's solo effort is like jumping into an icy lake in slow motion. Its influences are clearly planted in the capabilities of today's electronic music, but it never pushes too far into the digital sphere. For Your Only is grounded by its vocals, its welcoming keyboards that press on in the foreground, and the occasional auxilary percussion touch. It feels like a hybrid electronic, dreampop project with crisp, icy vocals layered in endless echo and melodies that stray off the path, but not too far.

The EP is available to stream below, and is best served through over-the-ear headphones under layers of cool duvet covers.