Team Ghost, “Curtains”

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Tearing the hanging purple shrouded veils into two; France's Team Ghost premieres the noise menacing title track from their upcoming Curtains EP. Frontman Nicolas Fromageau and his army of guitarists Christophe Guérin, and Benoît de Villeneuve, bassist Pierre Blanc and drummer Félix Delacroix are not here to give you another M83 to lull you into sweet pastures of serenity. From macabre fascination and icon fetishization of “Dead Film Star“, the ghostly team assembles synths that scan like headlights along a foggy Boulevard Périphérique while their guitars burn with the ampage of heavy duty power appliances.

The Team exorcises fellow dark gazing Parisian spirits from the Catacombes de Paris in a noise laden night out. Nicolas and Benoît's vocals chase spectres like rebel gang bikers in pursuit and on the move along a cobblestoned alley-road motocross. The leader of the pack attitude takes their candy pop core and saturates it in minor key vocal warnings and synth sirens that crash into chords that erupt into a finale of shambles better than the Eiffel Tower's dazzling hourly post-dusk light shows.

“Curtain” unmasks an abyss paved by the aggressive, jagged guitar rapid rhythms with keyboards that signal a welcomed Casio tone of doom. Looking further into the impenetrable darkness, the purposeful drill-grinding-guitar forces hits the all-fireworks-go stride at 1:40 obliterating concepts of chords and civility in a brilliant blast off. After the smoke clears, the entire track will have seemed but an evening's pub crawl through the seedy black lit industrial nightclubs, and black mascara smeared trails of the indie European underground.

Team Ghost's Curtains EP will be available February 26 from wSphere with pre-order available from iTunes.

The US release date for their album Rituals has been re-scheduled for April 16.

Spring European Tour Dates:

28 Paris, France, La Maroquinerie

08 London, UK, Birthdays
13 Brussels, Belgium, Rotonde Botanique
22 Berlin, Germany, Comet Club
23 Hamburg, Germany, Uebel & Gefärlich
24 Cologne, Germany, Gebauede 9
26 Strasbourg, France, Artefact Festival
27 Bourges, France, Printemps de Bourges Festival
25 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Paradiso