Is this the most chillwave project on the planet?

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Can't help but notice that P4K has picked up on an ongoing stream of tracks this Teen Daze dude has dumped from his hideaway in Vancouver.

Are his smooth sounds the definitive sound of chillwave?

Let's inspect, before this sounds even more like Carles.

Washed Out remix? Well, yeah.

Requisite Tumblr account? Check.

Remix of childhood/era-reference tune called “90s Kids”? Yeahuh. But in his defense, the lyrics “We played Oregon Trail / On a Macintosh” were already in the song.

A track you think might be sampling “Time After Time” turns out to be far smoother? Definitely, done.

Might these tunes also be Weather Channel filler? Yes, yeah.

We don't want to piss anyone off here. We know your own bedroom chillwave project might actually be even more chill than this. We know there are hundreds of you out there who scrapped your tropical guitar licks for some dreamy synth tone, but until you get through the above check list and have every single track thrown up on the P4k, we're giving the crown to Teen Daze.