Tempesst, “Sunflower Lady”

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The season of stress is closing in upon us– at least that’s how I like to refer to the next few weeks that present (pun intended) Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas, and lots more. Amongst heaping plates of snowman-shaped cookies and bowls of stuffing, you’ll likely feel overwhelmed by family gatherings (oy, politics) and consumer expectations. Thankfully, London-based duo Tempesst has a new track – the first single off their new EP, which is set for release in February – chock full of beachy riffs and calming harmonies.

“Sunflower Lady” rides in on a crisp wave, gleaming with the charming vocals Tempesst consistently brings. Harmonies add an elegance we are not typically treated to in psych-pop, and guitars pop in and out, adding a spark of anxiety. Listening like a surf scene from the 60s, “Sunflower Lady” provides an escape from the towering pressure of the impending holidays, and the cold weather we’ll soon be facing. Just like the plant in the track name, Tempesst offers a reprieve from the mundane, a brief splash of joy and calm.

Tempesst supports The Temper Trap on tour starting this December.