Terius Nash's 1977

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At 1 a.m. Terius Nash, a.k.a. The-Dream, released his first free download record entitled 1977. The history books (or will it be history blogs in the future?) will recognize Nash as the artist who helped cultivate a renaisssance era in R&B that shook the moth balls off a genre that was cob-webbed in neo-soul. The rock-journos are more than willing to get it right and let The-Dream have his “Love King” status. They will call Drake, The Weeknd and Frank Ocean the beneficiaries of his champagne and velvet rope revolution. But, Nash is not trying to share a damn thing.

There's an aggression on 1977, that suggests Nash intends to set the record straight as to who's the fuggin' boss 'round here. His tweets let us know he's off the leash from his label. The free offering is matched with a liberated songwriter who's out to reclaim his genre. Naturally, this is unnecessary, but makes for entertaining gossip. Once Nash addresses the chip on his shoulder, 1977 settles into “Wedding Crasher,” which might inspire a new generation of Benjamin Braddocks banging on locked Cathedral doors.

It should also be noted that Pharrell rapped his ass off on “This Shit Real Ni**a”, to a point that even the shitty “rock out” outro could not negate Skateboard P's savvy, yet savage, business advice for the naysayers to make “hatin-ass-nigga.com.”

Terius Nash, “Wedding Crasher”

Download 1977 here.