The Beko 100

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OK, this is one of those things you should just download immediately and go through later. The Beko 100 is 100 different tracks from the Beko Digital Singles label, from what appear to be mostly French and American low-fi synth artists, although I'm not gonna act like I know every band on this comp. In fact, I don't know most of them, but the ones I do know are amazing, and even just clicking around in the BandCamp stream of the comp has yielded some new faves. (I'm not gonna copy a track listing, just go to the BandCamp to see.) For instance, Full Moon Fuck, who begin with creepy porno samples over tinkly dance-club synths, but bring in a dark, sad vocal that joins the repeated calls of “Fuck” to a surprisingly heavy effect.

Omebi's “Might a Machine Have a Soul” is a Japanic cruise through a kindergarten for efficient schoolgirl robots. “Listen to their heartbeats” if you need the answer to the question posed.

I'm not in complete ignorance. There are definitely some older favorites on the comp, like mechanical-disco fiends Arc Light, who give us a custom track called “Beko Nights” with a vocoded refrain and lots of lazer beams echoing around on top of a very chill bass line.

Anyway, enough! Go forth and download this comp and have enough new music for the whole day! You need something like this on a Monday.

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