The Bi-weekly 5″ Pizza Club

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Art is Hard Records are based in Plymouth, England, and they've pledged to release a new single every other Friday afternoon for the entirety of 2012. The single will be available for free download via their Bandcamp, which is why this is an Approved Theft post, but there's a twist: in conjunction with the posting, Art is Hard will be making a one-of-a-kind CD in a 5″ pizza box, available to the first purchaser only. Obviously, this idea was hatched on a Friday afternoon past, maybe sometime around 4:20.

There are three singles available so far, but my favorite is the most recent one, by Auckland, NZ's Perfect Hair Forever. It's called “My Teen Idol” and it is the lowest of lo-fi, a pop song that crackles and pops along jauntily. When Art is Hard asked the band what they prefer in pizza, they answered “a burrito, but a pizza.” This must be a treat available only in New Zealand.

You can listen to the three singles released so far here. By the end of the year, this should be a nice little 26-track record.