The Black Tambourines, Chica

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The Black Tambourines

I think the only other thing I've ever consumed from Cornwall was a book that I read in the fourth grade about a girl who wants to become a ballerina but can't because she is too poor, but then she does, because being poor doesn't matter when it comes to your dreams! (False.) Anyways, here's another thing from Cornwall: the band The Black Tambourines. I don't know what it's like there AT ALL, but I do know that these guys have been listening to a lot of Arthur Lee and the Black Lips and the Kinks and molded it all together to get this record, called Chica, which comes out mid-December on a tiny little label called Art is Hard. You can listen to the record below and download the track “27-25 Blues” to take home with you, if you want.