The Casket Girls, “Suddenly”

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casket girls

Cassette Store Day may have passed on Saturday (hope yours was exceptional), but the tracks continue to roll in from leftover tapes and future releases like the only hangover you ever wanted. The Casket Girls, a trio made up of two Savannah sisters, Elsa and Phaedra Greene, and Ryan Graveface from Graveface Records, released a cassingle series through Graveface & Curiosities on Saturday of two lovely, eerie tracks. The latter of the two, “Suddenly”, we have for an exclusive premiere here—it willfully elevates dreampop to a larger, lovelier scale by doubling up on the vocals and adding an underlying backbeat. “Suddenly” is like lying back after a long weekend, putting on the kettle, and floating through clouds of glittered dreams.

You can pick up the two-song tape at this link, then if you go to The Casket Girls Facebook page, you can vote on which of the songs you think should go on the future Casket Girls record, out in 2014.