The Georgia Flood, People Like Ourselves

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Atlanta’s American rock outfit The Georgia Flood – comprised of insanely talented duo Brooks Mason and Lane Kelly – has been incredibly hard at work on their new EP People Like Ourselves, their standout single “Whistle King” having premiered on Performer Mag recently. But that gem of an EP is out today, and we’ve got the stream right now!

Starting with instrumentals right out of a mystery thriller, “Tell Me What You Want” is smooth and inviting. “Better Not Together” has a bit of a melancholy vibe to it – which is quite obvious from the title – as they question “Where do we go from here?” and slowly weave through a poignant narrative. “Sleepless Nights” goes the opposite direction of that sentiment, starting out with lyrics “Though my mind says it’s fine / I just don’t think it’s true this time” and nabbing you with fast, intense instrumentals. And though we love the vibrant air of “Whistle King”, we note the very different sound to “Jailhouse” where they’re “currently waiting on [their] bail.”

“Passport” moves the work along, and you realize somewhere around this point that The Georgia Flood just might be lyrical geniuses. Their songs are introspective, relatable, and – at their best points – make you feel as though a weight has been lifted off your chest. (But I digress.) People Like Ourselves ends with “The Race”, a vibey song that is an intricate blend of soul, jazz, and rock with a stellar guitar riff.

This entire album is Christmas playlist appropriate, and ever-so-catchy. So it’s time to get it playing on repeat!

People Like Ourselves is available now.