Bloom Twins, “Set Us Free”

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After being stuck in the Ukraine for over six months during the country’s 2014 uprising, all that was on the Bloom Twins’ minds was freedom. After achieving it, 20-year-old identical twins Anna and Sonia Kuprienko co-wrote a song with Fiona Bevan and Max McElligott called “Set Us Free.” Just a couple years later, they’re releasing it as burgeoning stars. The twins are renown models who’ve done shoots for Vogue, Elle and other big time outlets, but are also an electro-pop duo set to release their debut album with the help of Duran Duran keyboardist Nick Rhodes.

Set Us Free” is the second single from the as-of-yet-unnamed project, a characteristically dark pop record with flourishes of insightful, inspirational lyrics strewn throughout. Though the duo says the track isn’t political, it still works as a pointed analysis of the misery that’s felt under the thumb of apathetic institutions–and the fighter spirit that such pain instills. The duo sings in tandem, with their lithe, resounding voices underscoring the resonant message of the track.

You can listen to “Set Us Free” below.