The Hell Yeah Babies, “Dog of War”

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Dog of War

The Hell Yeah Babies have unleashed their new track “Dog of War” and it’s a burst of power pop sunshine ready-made for summer days and nights. Recorded at Studio G Brooklyn with sound engineer and Psychic TV/P-TV3 member Jeff Berner, “Dog of War” has guitars as bright as the chrome on a ‘57 Chevy and thrumming drums and bass that rev things up right out of the gate. And, while the Babies definitely have a classic sound, they also have a rollicking, current energy that never lets up long enough for the listener to feel nostalgic.

Hailing from Astoria, New York, The Hell Yeah Babies claim a number of influences, from the pop songwriting perfection of boy bands to the old school cool of surf rock, but they aren’t just some ersatz retro act. Instead, they bring an electric, modern passion to their music that reveals itself on the lyrics of “Dog of War” which play upon the timeless metaphor of love as war while referencing Tumblr. “Dog of War” climaxes in a glorious outro of hooks and musical moments that come at the listener like the perfect set of waves to cap off an endless summer in the city, on the beach, or wherever the jukebox (or iPod) is playing The Hell Yeah Babies.

07/03: The Grand Victory, Brooklyn NY
07/25: Sunnyvale, Brooklyn NY
08/11: Gold Sounds, Brooklyn NY

Follow The Hell Yeah Babies on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, Tumblr, and on their website. You can catch The Hell Yeah Babies at their headlining gig at The Grand Victory (before it closes) in Brooklyn this Sunday, July 3.