The schizophrenic good times of Positive Face

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Positive Face is one of the monikers of a guy named Gary Morris from Cape Town, based in Brooklyn and seemingly pretty busy with regular solo and group recording projects, according to his blog. His latest release as Positive Face, Old Face, (available for download here), plays like a fast-moving mixtape that introduces one off-kilter beatscape after another within a single track without warning and often without any easy sonic correlations and few connective tissues aside from the liberal dashes of sunny guitar melodies and loops throughout. Needless to say, there is a lot going on in these recordings. Anything that can shift from that tweaked-out calypso riffage from Load Blown to something that sounds like a mbaqanga tune with the bottom knocked out from it is ok by us.

Positive Face, “Feeling Old”

Positive Face, “A Hard Shell”