Thee Oops: Loud, Fast, Italian

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Americans have really done a fantastic job of shitting all over what we perceive as Italian (see Jersey Shore, mafia films other than The Godfather). A proud people have been reduced to the stereotype of a pizza eating, tracksuit wearing, over-gelled hair having, Snookie/Tony Soprano clone.

It's time for Italians everywhere to get in touch with what's great from their ancestral homeland. Unfortunately I have no idea where to point them, except towards this track by Sardinia's own Thee Oops (who are actually from Sardinia, which is actually an autonomous region of Italy, but close enough). This is under a minute and a half of glorious snot that will excite you if you can admit that The Damned were the punk band from 70s London who did the most rocking; if your record collection is littered with titles like Killed by Death, Bloodstains, and also if you realize that using that Joe Pesci solo album as your go-to Italian record might not be what you're into anymore.

Thee Oops, “On the Lift”